Technical Papers

Multi-kW High-Brightness Fiber-Coupled Diode Lasers - Photonics West 2013

The ongoing improvement in the brightness of diode lasers makes more and more industrial applications accessible to diode lasers. For many applications in materials processing multi-kW output power with a beam quality of better than 30 mm x mrad is needed. Previously we have reported on a modular diode laser platform with an output power of up to 785W out of a 200µm NA 0.22 fiber at a single wavelength of 976nm. We have now extended that platform to different wavelengths in the range from 900nm to 1100nm. Combining of different wavelengths enables scalable multi-kW high-brightness diode laser units. In this paper we report on a diode laser unit with 3.5kW output power and a beam quality of 25 mm x mrad.

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